Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting services

Acquire more traffic and customers

Standing out online is tricky stuff, but it’s also my speciality! With a tailored mix of Traffic Acquisition services including a robust analysis of SEO, Social media and Google advertising opportunities you can watch your brand glow and grow.

  • Develop a traffic acquisition strategy.(Paid, Organic SEO, Social)
  • Auditing your existing campaigns to find leaks and opportunities.
  • Planning and building new campaigns.
  • Training your staff and marketing employees on the best practices.  
  • Building a solid KPI (Key performance indicators)

Create sales opportunities

You’ve found your target audience, but what next? I will identify techniques that will help you test, track and map your customers to optimise how to best connect and engage with them. By analysing your brand positioning, I can create better, more natural Conversion opportunities.

  • Finding opportunities, Testing and validating to improve your conversion rates. (Conversion optimisation)
  • Studying and figuring out your customer purchase behaviour.
  • Website copy audit. I work with a trusted writer to help you create content that converts.
  • Building new sales funnels or fixing an existing sales funnel.
  • Setting up advance tracking (GA, GTM, Segment, Hotjar, Adwords, Facebook pixel etc)

Grow a loyal customer base

Get a customer, keep a customer. If only it were that simple! Customer Retention is crucial to running a scalable company, so I offer strategic methodologies to inspire first-time purchasers to become brand ambassadors. Whether you need a content marketing strategy or targeted outreach plan, I’ll get you that tribe.

  • Building a customer retention strategy.
  • Social media strategy and audit.
  • Online reputation management strategy

Let’s talk solutions

I’m here to help fresh and seasoned business owners find success with their digital marketing. My extensive skill set is at your disposal, but as it doesn’t include mind reading, you’ll have to get in touch to access it.