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Gauging Your Website’s Performance With Web Analytics.

Just building and hosting a website is not enough for flourishing your business. It is equally important to analyse and monitor its performance over time. Well, for the startups, this can be an overwhelming task.

Nevertheless, not analysing or tracking the performance of your site as well as the visitor’s behaviour is irrational. Without this, it is impossible to determine the new opportunities, the scope of improvement, and the necessity to invest more time and money.

So, what is web analytics?

Well, Google defines it as the measurement, gathering, evaluating, and reporting of website data for comprehending as well as optimising its usage. Web analytics refers to a collection of strategic approaches to streamline online activities.

It extracts and classifies both qualitative and quantitative data from web to recognise and evaluate usage trends and behaviour patterns, both on-site and off-site. The requirements as well as methods to analyse and tend to differ from one organisation to another.

Many web analytics tools perform analysis using both on-site and off-site data. In on-site analytics, means of collecting data such as page tagging and logs showing all activities are used. On the other hand, in off-site analytics, indicators such as site visibility, page views, comments, and likes are used to measure the possible and actual performance of the site.

Why use web analytics?

Whatever you do, should be measured or else it is futile. Data analysis prevents this futility by offering insights and data paving the way for improving the existing experience of the visitors. It also reveals the customer behaviour, which is essential for optimising your site for excellent user experience.

For example, web analytics can disclose the most popular web pages of your site and the most products being purchased. Here is a gist of why you should go for web analytics or what the benefits of using it are:

• Help understand key performance indicators. (KPIs)

• Getting a clear idea of your website usage trends.

• Understand landing pages performance.

• Monitoring traffic and user movement on your website.

• Knowing where your visitors come from. (social media, direct, organic, paid)

• Understanding the market demographics.

• Understanding a website visitors bounce rate.

• Understand a site’s conversion rate.

• Finding what your customers are looking for on your site. (e.g., customer behaviour)

• Recognizing potential keywords to be added in content for attracting more relevant users.

• Identifying areas for improvement.

• Discovering referring sources.

• Know how the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

What can you get out of using analytics and how to use it?

Website analytics measures different aspects of digital business such as the number of visitors and their sources, actions of visitors on the site, pages viewed, and time of visitors while going through the pages. Several such metrics are gauged through the analytics.

However, what is most important for you as a marketer is to focus on the resulting reports so that it becomes easier to meet their predetermined objectives. Based on the report analysis, it becomes simple to take instant actions for improving the digital results.

Based on how you use the tools for analytics, you can collate diverse information from the gathered data. Here is what you can expect from web analytics:

What do visitors search – Analytics can reveal the keywords that users use in search engines, which take them to your website? This aids in adding more keywords to the existing keyword sets, creating more exciting and relevant content for visitors, and know what attracts clicks.

How your content is performing –  Analytics can tell you which content is playing well and which is not. This enables you to rework your material making strategy as per the generated content report. For example, you can update the present content, go for new promotional means, and revive the existing content by including infographics and research studies. In most cases, a refined strategy based on the analytics’ insights result in more useful content.

Why users are leaving your website –  Analytics tend to reveal when the users quit or why they quit your site. Well, this is perhaps the best information you would like to know as a marketer. Why? That’s because it will prevent you from rejecting the whole strategy by changing only that part which is not working. This part can be the price, annoying pop-ups, or a mandatory action for a user to take. Based on these insights, redesign the strategy and see the improvement yourself.

Which campaigns are working – If you are spending too much money on advertising, you may suddenly realise that half is wasted. However, the problem here is you cannot find out which half. Well, now the analytics will do that for you! It does so by gauging the performance of your online campaigns. This helps you to comprehend their working and trying new things either for improving the outcomes or rectifying the dissatisfactory or misleading ones.

• Where your visitors are coming from – Your customers or probable leads look for different things, such as sales and discounts as per your area’s occasions or festivals. Both the tone and language in the web content would be as per the users of your place. This is why you need to know from where your users are. Further, if your business is addressing to the needs of visitors from more than a single city or nation, web analytics will reflect the related details as per your location. It is of no use to get maximum traffic from Bangkok if the website of a local store is in Washington. So, analytics give you location-based data.

Which devices visitors use –  It makes sense to know about the device that a user uses to access your site. A user can use not only the desktop pc but also a tablet or a smartphone to visit your site. So, you need to tailor your site to be mobile-friendly. You can imagine the loss if your website is not so, right? 

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